Build the Sale — Developing a Sales Culture

Winning sales teams are built over time through careful thought, analysis, strategy and planning. Making every member of your team a FrontRunner accelerates your sales and drives success. And to truly master the sales process, to square the cycle, your organization needs to go further. It needs to become a FrontRunner itself.

That means aligning your sales strategy, people and organization with your overall corporate goals to ensure maximum impact and total focus. It means hiring the right people and creating teams for the best possible complement of skills. FrontRunner companies create "co-opetition" with tailored, sophisticated measurement, feedback systems, reward and motivational tools.

Just as an athlete develops total mind and body conditioning, FrontRunner companies transcend the daily routine to build superior sales machines with endurance and flexibility — not just to meet challenges, but to anticipate and overcome them. They understand the mechanics of their business in the context of long term market forces and identify solid sales strategies for winning — at every stage of the race.

At their best, FrontRunners don't just compete — they make the rules and own the field.

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