Set the Sale — Sales Tools & Communications

A sale doesn't start with a cold call; it starts with the correct tools. Just as you wouldn't climb a mountain without proper equipment, approaching a sale without the right gear is a recipe for failure. Every e-mail, letter, phone call and piece of collateral is a chance to build and reinforce your message and to create that vital connection with your client. Setting out without your tools perfectly honed lowers your chance of success — it's as simple as that.

If your team needs a boost, it's time to set the sale by giving them the absolute best materials. FrontRunner experts in copywriting, graphic design and branding work with you to develop:
  • Sales Presentations — we'll deconstruct, then reconstruct and refine the essential pieces of your presentation to create a unique and memorable experience that gives your team a winner's edge. We call it a Presentation Renovation. Use it to build superior, memorable and effective sales presentations with reusable PowerPoint templates that provide consistency and impact.
  • Written Communications — letters, handouts and collateral — that present your company message consistently and memorably in every context.

    • proposals and proposal templates
    • sales letters and templates, one-off and form letters
    • brochures, handouts and leave-behinds
    • direct mail and promotional pieces
    • buyers' guides, spec sheets and comparison sheets
    • manuals, references and guides
    • copy and handouts for trade show displays and corporate events
    • speeches and articles
  • Branding & Brand Guides — optimized for sales teams to ensure that every communication reflects your brand promise. FrontRunner will work with your sales and marketing teams to ensure your brand and message are on target and communicating perfectly throughout the sales process. We can work at any stage in your brand development, from quick tweaks to ensure consistency and enhance power, to full branding and re-branding exercises that reinvigorate your entire image. If your brand has drifted, we'll help bring it back in line and ensure consistency in every medium.
  • Online Communications — websites, microsites, online tools and programs that convey your brand and support the sale. Maximize the effectiveness of every online visit to bring potential customers into your orbit.