Our Story

Every sales person is familiar with the sales cycle. But understanding the cycle is not enough to succeed in today's hypercompetitive environment. You need mastery — sales people who outshine your competitors at every step in the sales process.

For 20 years, Fern Lebo has helped Fortune 500 companies create and deploy star sales performers. Her clients learn the secrets that set them apart and discover the professional techniques they need to achieve outstanding success. These techniques were developed and perfected over many years and now, for the first time, have been assembled into a unique system that promises to revolutionize the way you sell — to make your company and every sales person in it, a FrontRunner.

We call it Squaring the CycleTM. It's a set of tools, methods and skill-building programs designed to turn every member of your team into a star performer at every stage of the sale. Presentations that win. Proposals that make a connection. Materials that reinforce your brand, your people and your products. Choose only the pieces you need or have us design a customized program for you.

Squaring the Cycle TM is a revolution in sales development. We don't just believe our system will make you a FrontRunner, we see it every day in the satisfied clients who use our system for outstanding results. Now your team can grow from understanding to mastery, from reaching to winning. Because in today's market, being in the lead is the only position that matters.

Don't settle for ordinary sales. Be a FrontRunner.

Our Philosophy

Successful sales people don't just make the sale, they own the sale. They build relationships into results.

And because we know that relationships propel business success, we insert the human element into every aspect of the business equation.

We believe that building relationships takes more than crossing your fingers and determined effort. It takes a clear strategy and real know-how. And we know how - to make your conversations count, your presentations exciting and your writing unforgettable. We believe you must capture your core message and convey it in everything you do, so people hear you and like you. We'll give you the skills and the tools you need to be a FrontRunner.

Our Approach

For nearly twenty years, sales professionals from some of North America's biggest companies have achieved remarkable results thanks to our methods. From presentations through to sales letters and branding, our own FrontRunner, Fern Lebo, has given sales organizations the personal and professional techniques they need to achieve outstanding success.

But Fern knew that something was missing. Something that ties together these powerful techniques into a system that quickly brings results at every stage of the sales cycle. Something that — as Fern discovered — would "square the cycle" with a complete kit of ready-to-use tools you can easily use to achieve success. A bag of tricks that, once mastered, can help anyone find more prospects and close more sales — again and again.

It's a system that puts you first at the finish line, head and shoulders ahead of your competitors. A system that makes every sales person and team a FrontRunner.

Our Skills

Our unique talent is our ability to collaborate with you in pursuit of your corporate goals. Our gift is an uncommon ability to zero in on your Big Message and convey it with clarity, impact and power — so that everything you do, from proposal to presentation to quick-hit meetings, are clear steps to closing the sale.

There are lots of consultants out there, and some of them are pretty good. But pretty good just isn't good enough in today's competitive marketplace. Built on years of cumulative experience, our processes are concentrated into powerful systems and mind-expanding workshops that get clear results. We know our work is outstanding because our clients tell us so.