Strategic Sales Proposals

Reconfigure your writing and transform every proposal into a powerful sales tool. Move beyond the basics to develop advanced skills and strategies for crafting high-impact documents that produce winning results.

In this unique two-day program, participants are jolted out of their complacency as they unlearn the mistakes they’ve mastered on the job. Enlightening and entertaining, Strategic Sales Proposals demolishes the old rules and reveals a whole new strategy for selling anything on paper. It provides professional techniques for handling complex information and pinpoints the elements of successful proposals.

Participants discover how to guide the reader towards a positive decision with a reason to buy on every page. They learn the Ten Commandments of Clarity and build solutions that satisfy needs. They discover precisely how to polish every detail and craft an Executive Summary that convinces readers from the very first page.

In the end, participants will:

  • establish an instant connection with the decision-maker(s)
  • stimulate sales
  • forcus on readers' goals and priorities
  • link writer's goals to reader's needs
  • write persuasively to initiate action
  • instantly capture the four buyers’ interest
  • build credibility
  • arrange information for persuasive impact
  • use headings and subheadings
  • create a benefts-oriented index
  • lead readers to a "buy" conclusion.

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