Powerful PowerPoint

If you plan to read the bullets on your screen while the audience reads along, this course is not for you. In fact, neither is presenting; might as well just mail it in.

But if you want to use your technology in a way that works, if you want to distribute hand-outs that actually sell your message, you'll love Powerful PowerPoint. In just one dynamite day, you'll learn to use pictures, metaphor and dramatic techniques to engage your audience and get your message across unforgettably.

You'll also discover the secret to hand-outs that readers actually read — all by themselves. It's positively revolutionary!

This remarkable program addresses:

  • discovering the truth about visual aids
  • understanding form, function and fusion
  • building high impact screens
  • using the power of metaphor
  • understanding the art and science of audience attention
  • structuring for less-is-more intensity
  • creating impressive handouts
  • mastering the medium — and becoming memorable.

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