Out Front Presentation

Every mediocre sales person makes a sale some of the time. But can you make the sale most of the time? Can you project the promise of your product and your company to your audience and, in a single meeting, establish a compelling reason to buy?

Radical, reality-based and relevant, these workshops reveal the keys to communication that builds relationships and prompts a positive response.

We show you precisely how to harness the power of the human element — to create a riveting presentation that instantly connects with your audience. You’ll learn how to build interest and turn skeptics into buyers, and you’ll find out the truth about PowerPoint and how it really should be used.

As we reveal each essential element, you’ll polish and refine your delivery skills through innovative training, video-taped coaching, and personal feedback. We’ll show you how to build confidence and inspire your audience to take the next step while helping you un-learn common mistakes.

Essential for anyone who faces a client, this eye-opening workshop takes presentations to a new and dynamic level. Follow-up with one-on-one personal coaching to ensure that every moment you present takes you one step closer to winning.

In this course we will cover:

  • the keys to engaging an audience instantly
  • the likeability factor
  • the elements of high-impact presentations
  • the art and science of listener attention
  • a simple formula for all information delivery
  • the power of story and metaphor
  • the keys to meeting the four buyer needs
  • communication devices that promote a positive response
  • platform techniques and winning moves
  • structuring content to make it memorable
  • the underlying principles that move an audience to action.

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