The Elevator Pitch: Your 30-Second Sale

Whether a cold call, a networking encounter or a chance meeting in an airport, the first thirty seconds with any new person may be the most important moments of your sale, and sometimes that’s all you’ve got.

Success in this critical instant translates directly to a new – and warm – prospect in your funnel. Sometimes you don’t even know until afterwards that a potential client was in front of you, making first impressions a critical part of developing your personal brand and your sales technique.

In this one-day seminar, we’ll show you how to refine your elevator pitch into a directed, engaging approach that leaves them wanting more. You’ll work on different versions for a variety of situations and learn how to connect with potential clients from the very start. You’ll also learn the difference between a marketing pitch designed to get you word-of-mouth, and a sales pitch targeted at initiating new business.


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