Even Tiger Woods uses a coach. The great ones always do. When you’re a pro, you know that even a small improvement can pay off really big.

So, for the reluctant presenter or the seasoned pro, for promising new hires and long-time veterans, we offer personal coaching for a professional edge.

For knock-their-socks off presentations we will:

  • create, rehearse and perfect presentations for conferences and keynotes
  • polish all your presentation materials
  • perfect your presenters — reluctant beginners or seasoned executives
  • provide personal presentations skills coaching
  • coach the team for major presentations.

For personal writing skills that sharpen your edge, we will:
  • review your style and fine-tune your technique
  • build your personal template sets
  • polish your current writing project
  • save you time.

For proposals that make the sale, we will:
  • coach you through the RFP process — from receipt to final proposal package
  • provide reliable, reusable templates
  • write your proposals; fix your form letters
  • edit and re-write technical documents and tough correspondence.

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