Advanced Presentation Workshops

These next-level workshops are for sales veterans who have moved beyond the basics. Whether you’re a grad of Xerox, PSS, Holden or Out Front Presentation, Advanced Presentation workshops will support your strategies and put you way out front.

Through video-taped practice, personal feedback and rework of your own materials, you’ll polish and perfect your presentation – ensuring your brand promise is expertly delivered to the client, every time.

In a world where being unique is remarkably rare, a critical ingredient that differentiates you from the competition is you. Across cultures or across the room, your focus must be the power of relationship. In Advanced Presentation, you’ll learn specific strategies to target the human element as the key to opening doors and closing the sale.

Leave the competition behind when you:

  • tackle the RFP professionally
  • isolate the key elements of the sale
  • communicate your message with clarity, impact and power
  • convey energy and passion
  • convert every conversation into an opportunity
  • turn every document into a sales tool
  • create a competitive advantage
  • present with pizzazz.
This incredible session provides the unique, point-by-point SlidePath™ for creating successful sales presentations, and PrintPath™ for crafting winning proposals.

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