360 Degree Presentation

Those moments in front of the client are critical, but they’re not the only time your audience sees you work. Every proposal, letter and e-mail gives your audience another opportunity to evaluate you — and another chance for you to deliver your message.

This revolutionary workshop shows you how to unify your written materials with your presentation to add power and consistency to your pitch. Participants in 360’ Presentations learn how to write so people hear, and to speak so people see what you’re talking about.

The program offers sufficient time to cement all the elements with hands-on, application exercises. Most importantly, it means we can tape every participant as they master each concept and progress through the workshop. And since everyone receives their own tape, they leave with a personal record of their own progress – which provides a baseline for additional work well beyond the completion of the workshop.

In this dynamic workshop, you'll discover precisely how to:

  • craft on-message proposals that stand out
  • create an instant connection on paper and in person
  • build presentations and proposals more quickly
  • present with clarity, energy and passion
  • increase audience engagement with story and metaphor
  • use your voice and the medium to persuade and motivate
  • build audience trust
  • use the elements of high-impact presentations effectively
  • address the four buyer needs every time
  • create visuals that instantly engage
  • improve your platform techniques
  • differentiate yourself from the competition
  • gain a competitive edge.

This course uses our unique SlidePath™ and PrintPath™ systems to build winning presentations and proposals.

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