Business Language Update Guide

If the language you use is out of date, out of favor, or out of left field, your business communication fails to hit the mark. Whether you are presenting to an important client, writing a prospecting letter, a follow-up letter or a proposal, you need to update and upgrade your business language to stimulate a positive response.

Avoid Low Information Content Words

a majority of most
administrate administer
advise or inform tell or say
as per regarding/according to
as per your request as you requested/as you asked
at the rate of at
at this point in time now
attached herewith I have attached
attempt try
avail yourself use
basic principles principles
by means of by
check in the amount of check for
consensus of opinion consensus
construct build
despite the fact that although
due to the fact that because
during the course of during/ while
enclosed please find . . . is enclosed/I have enclosed
equitable fair
facilitate help
fact of the matter fact
first of all first
for a period of for
for the purpose of for
further to our discussion since our discussion
give encouragement to encourage
I apologize it is regrettable
inasmuch as since/ because
in connection with about
infrequent rare
in accordance with according to
in the event that if
in the nature of like
in reference to, in regard to about
in order that, in order to to
in view of the fact that since/because
involves the use of uses
is designed to be is
large number of many
make an adjustment in adjust
meet with your approval if you approve
not in a position to cannot
occurrence event
orientated oriented
personal opinion opinion
past history history
please find enclosed please find enclosed
please do not hesitate to contact us/the undersigned please contact us/me
please be advised that (eliminate, just begin)
preventative preventive
provide assistance to assist
pursuant to since
requisite required
same (as in "copy of same") copy
still continues continues
take into consideration consider
terminate end
the writer me or I
the undersigned me or I
to my attention/to myself to me
utilize use
usage use
we regret to inform you (eliminate)
we would ask that please
wherein, herein, the foregoing (eliminate)
with the result that so
Yours Truly, Sincerely,