Avoid Business Clichés

Once thought to be the hallmark of strong oral skills and good business writing, these tired and trite phrases now indicate a shocking ignorance of current business trends. Either eliminate the following clichés completely, or translate the phrase into your own friendly, everyday language:

all things being equal
as per your
at this point in time
Attached herewith is
by means of
Dear Sir/Madame:
Dear Sirs:
due to the fact that
Enclosed please find
for a period of
further to our discussion
I trust the above has been helpful to you
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation
I am writing this letter to . . .
in view of the fact that
in the event that
in accordance with
in the foreseeable future
in all probability
involves the use of
meet with your approval
Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned
Please be informed that
Please feel free to contact the writer
pursuant to your request
pursuant to your letter of . . .
regarding the matter of . . .
solutions provider
The purpose of this letter is to . . .
To Whom It May Concern:
we regret to inform you
we wish to state that
We are pleased to advise
With reference to your phone call of
Yours truly
Yours faithfully
Yours very truly