If you don't see what you need, ask us how we can create a course specifically for you. Skills are immediately applicable and the learning experience is rich in practical payoffs. Even better, we make it fun.

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Customer-designed on-site workshopsTop

All our programs can be modified to meet the specific needs of your group. Our customized on-site programs support your business strategy and target your business goals. Benefits of on-site workshops:

  • Meet your business and training objectives with tailored programs
  • Select a schedule and location for your convenience
  • Decrease travel time and expenses
  • Standardize skills throughout your organization
  • Tackle sensitive issues in an environment of privacy and safety
  • Build teams and internal networks.

Presentation workshopsTop

Radical, reality-based and relevant, these workshops reveal the keys to communication that builds relationships and prompts a positive response.

We show you precisely how to harness the power of the human element—to create a riveting presentation that instantly connects with your audience. You’ll learn how to build interest and turn skeptics into buyers, and you’ll find out the truth about PowerPoint and how it really should be used.

We’ll show you how to build confidence and inspire your audience to take the next step—while helping you un-learn common mistakes.

Essential for anyone who faces a client, this eye-opening workshop takes presentations to a new and dynamic level. In the end, presenters have the savvy, the skill, and the confidence to present like pros.

Out Front Presentation builds solid, reliable and effective presentation skills through training, modeling, video-tape, coaching, and personal feedback.

In Out Front Presentation we cover:

  • Platform techniques that convey competence and engender trust
  • Engaging an audience from the very first word
  • The secrets to high-impact presentations
  • A simple formula for all information delivery
  • The keys to meeting the four buyer needs
  • Psychological devices that trigger “buy in”
  • Connecting with the audience—the human element
  • Handling nerves
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Managing the Q&A
  • Persuasion—moving a listener to action.

Frequent practice opportunities mean that everyone benefits from personal coaching and feedback. Whether they are reluctant presenters or seasoned executives, everyone understands how and where to improve when they discover:

  • How to communicate ideas effectively—speak so people listen
  • How to read and target the audience
  • Platform skills that convey confidence and credibility—and engage the audience
  • How to use The MAPPP™ formula to structure information—for high-impact, memorable presentations
  • The truth about PowerPoint—and how to use it
  • The value of simplicity—in language and structure
  • The importance of story, anecdote and humor.

Aligned with your branding and keeping your primary goals in mind, we deliver innovative workshops customized to meet your business and training goals exactly.

Follow-up with one-on-one personal coaching to ensure that every moment you present takes you one step closer to winning. Expect high energy, strong content and solid results.

Meeting face to faceTop

Every meeting, no matter how informal, is part of your critical path towards the sale.

We’ll show you how to be powerful on a smaller scale and how to use the environment to your advantage. You’ll learn how to keep control of your agenda, how to project your competence and message with and without materials and slideshows, and how to make the connection which distinguishes a FrontRunner from an average sales person.


Even Michael Jordan used a coach. The great ones always do. When you’re a pro, you know that even a small improvement can pay off really big.

So, for the reluctant presenter or the seasoned pro, for promising new hires and long-time veterans, we offer personal coaching for a professional edge.

For knock-their-socks off presentations we will:

  • Create, rehearse and perfect presentations for conferences and keynotes
  • Polish all your presentation materials
  • Perfect your presenters—reluctant beginners or seasoned executives
  • Provide personal presentations skills coaching
  • Coach the team for major presentations.

For personal writing skills that sharpen your edge, we will:

  • Review your style and fine-tune your technique
  • Build your personal template sets
  • Polish your current writing project
  • Save you time.

For proposals that make the sale, we will:

  • Coach you through the RFP process—from receipt to final proposal package
  • Provide reliable, reusable templates
  • Write your proposals; fix your form letters
  • Edit and re-write technical documents and tough correspondence.

For knock-their-socks off presentations we will:

  • Create, rehearse and perfect presentations for conferences and keynotes
  • Polish all your presentation materials
  • Perfect your presenters—reluctant beginners or seasoned executives
  • Provide personal presentations skills coaching
  • Coach the team for major presentations.
Presentation renovation Top
You want a presentation that conveys your message and engages your audience from the very first word. Our expertise is in helping you build exactly that. To do it, we’ll take your team through the innovative step-by-step process we call Presentation Renovation.

We start with your presentation and blow it up, then reassemble the pieces in an unforgettable, message-driven package that’s easy for presenters to deliver and even easier for your audience to remember.

Together, we’ll deconstruct, then reconstruct and refine the essential pieces of your presentation. We’ll capture key concepts, create key messages, and build transitions that work best for presenters and audience.

As we work, we will also be constructing a point-to-point guide for presenters. It’s a new approach, and one that works so well, you’re sure to see its value instantly.

Equally important, your group will experience the process that creates a polished presentation. Once practiced, they can replicate it again and again.

Business writing workshops Top

All our workshops are custom-tailored for a perfect fit with your organization.  Whatever you write—every e-mail, every proposal, every newsletter—must support your business strategy and extend your brand. Count on us to show you how.

Our workshops are results-driven to target the business and training goals you identify; our trainers are dynamic, knowledgeable and polished. Learning aids such as Cheat Sheets and comprehensive workbooks provide valuable resource material for later reference. 

All our materials are based on solid social science and business principles and grounded in up-to-the-minute research. Skills are immediately applicable and the learning experience is rich in practical payoffs. Even better, we make it fun.

Strategic business writingTop

Essential for everyone who writes in the course of doing business—to customers or potential customers—this dynamite workshop teaches a new, results-driven system based on marketplace demands and current research findings.

In an entertaining and high-impact session, participants discover the secrets of writing to influence. They trash the old style as they master a result-driven strategy for selling through the written word.  It’s an eye-opening look at how to reconfigure writing to target the reader—successfully.

In Strategic Business Writing we reveal precisely how to:

  • Turn every letter and e-mail into a sales tool
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Increase efficiency, slash time and eliminate guesswork
  • Establish credibility, create confidence and initiate action
  • Ensure that everything is read and remembered
  • Use persuasive triggers
  • Handle bad news gracefully and effectively
  • Deal productively with problems and complaints
  • Streamline communication for clarity and power
  • Improve customer care and encourage customer loyalty
  • Achieve a competitive edge.

Everything about the way we do business has changed, including writing. Every letter, every e-mail—every communication—should support your business strategy.

Strategic sales proposalsTop

Reconfigure business writing and transform every proposal into a powerful sales tool. Move beyond the basics to develop advanced skills and strategies for crafting high-impact proposals that produce results.

In this eye-opening two-day program, participants are jolted out of their complacency as they unlearn the mistakes they mastered on the job.

Enlightening and entertaining, Strategic Sales Proposals demolishes the old rules and reveals a revolutionary strategy for selling anything on paper. It provides professional techniques for handling complex information and pinpoints the elements of successful proposals.

Participants discover how to guide the reader towards a positive decision with a reason to buy on every page. They learn the Ten Commandments of Clarity and build solutions that satisfy needs. They discover precisely how to polish every detail and craft a killer Executive Summary that convinces from the very first page.

In the end, participants will:

  • Establish an instant connection with the decision-maker(s)
  • Write a knock-their-socks-off Executive Summary
  • Communicate expertise with clarity, impact and power
  • Get on the short list and stimulate sales
  • Target and persuade the four buyers
  • Initiate action
  • Build credibility
  • Avoid The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Organize, revise, edit and polish effectively
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Achieve a competitive edge.

Strategic writing for sales supportTop

In an intensive one-day seminar, participants learn the principles of basic business writing and discover current convention and formatting styles. They master techniques to improve the appearance, tone and professionalism of all written communication — and discover a fail-safe system that focuses on reader-friendly writing.

In the end, participants will know precisely how to:

  • Format professionally
  • Update business language and style
  • Handle information for maximum reader impact
  • Recycle content to increase efficiency
  • Send a service message every time.

The Elevator Pitch: your 30-second sale Top

Whether a cold call, a networking encounter or a chance meeting in an airport, the first thirty seconds with any new person may be the most important moments of your sale, and sometimes that’s all you’ve got.

Success in this critical instant translates directly to a new – and warm – prospect in your funnel. Sometimes you don’t even know until afterwards that a potential client was in front of you, making first impressions a critical part of developing your personal brand and your sales technique.

In this one-day seminar, we’ll show you how to refine your elevator pitch into a directed, engaging approach that leaves them wanting more. You’ll work on different versions for a variety of situations and learn how to connect with potential clients from the very start. You’ll also learn the difference between a marketing pitch designed to get you word-of-mouth, and a sales pitch targeted at initiating new business.

Powerful PowerPointTop

If you plan to read the bullets on your screen while the audience reads along, this course is not for you. In fact, neither is presenting; might as well just mail it in.

But if you want to use your technology in a way that works, if you want to distribute hand-outs that actually sell your message, you'll love Powerful PowerPoint. In just one dynamite day, you'll learn to use pictures, metaphor and dramatic techniques to engage your audience and get your message across unforgettably.

You'll also discover the secret to hand-outs that readers actually read — all by themselves. It's positively revolutionary!

Mastering e-mailTop

Pre-empt premature deletion; promote eager reading.

A lively one-day workshop focused on mastering the electronic media. Topics include The Internet Protocols, high-impact writing for screen, e-mail for networking and introductions, e-mail for intra-office communication and project management, and e-mail as a complement to the telephone throughout the sales cycle.

In the end participants will understand the value of:

  • A captivating subject line
  • Brevity for power
  • Addressing the needs of the reader to provoke action
  • E-mail as a sales and service tool.
Conferences and retreatsTop

The instant you decide on a conference, a retreat or a simple off-site, we want to hear about it.  They’ll come for the excitement and stay for the lesson.

Whatever your theme, whatever your goal — new product launch or networking occasion — we can turn your event, conference or retreat into an exciting learning opportunity that pays off big time. Let us design and plan your conference. In fact, we’ll be your conference. Just tell us your goals—and we’ll run with them.

We’ll create a dynamite program that shakes them up and delivers the results you want. 


Corporate writing services Top

Just as you wouldn't climb a mountain without proper equipment, approaching a sale without the right gear is a recipe for failure. Every e-mail, letter, phone call and piece of collateral is a chance to build and reinforce your message and to create that vital connection with your client. Setting out without your tools perfectly honed lowers your chance of success — it's as simple as that.

If your team needs a boost, it's time to give them the absolute best materials. FrontRunner experts work with you to develop:

      • Proposals and proposal templates
      • Sales letters and templates, one-off and form letters
      • Brochures, handouts and leave-behinds
      • Direct mail and promotional pieces
      • Buyers' guides, spec sheets and comparison sheets
      • Manuals, references and guides
      • Copy and handouts for trade show displays and corporate events
      • Speeches and articles.

As your single-source communication resource, FrontRunner takes your business writing projects straight from the drawing board through implementation and delivery. Rely on our professional authors to produce high-impact documents that capture the image you want to convey and achieve the results you need.

Presentations for keynotes, workshops, breakouts and retreatsTop


Sample Presentations customized for your group

Peak Performance Presentation-a step by step success formula to improve your closing percentages

Motivate your team to close more sales. Get exactly what presenters need—a step by step formula that makes presentations pay off. From platform skills to a fail-safe structure and style. Participants discover precisely how to deliver a compelling presentation that improves their “likeability quotient” and increases closing percentages. Differentiate yourself from the competition and blow them away.

Best fit: Essential for sales teams and sales professionals

When You Speak, Do They Listen?

Become the compelling speaker everyone wants to hear.

Radical, reality-based and relevant, this session reveals a no-fail formula that produces results. Discover how to engage your audience from the very first word. Learn the Three Keys to effective PowerPoint. Understand the power of story, the truth about graphics and the magic of metaphor. Find out what makes people listen—and empower yourself to be the dynamite speaker an audience craves.

Best fit: Ideal for sales—and anyone who speaks publicly.

Inoculate Against PowerPoint-Induced Coma

Avoid the traps and compel audience attention.

If you need power in your presentation and an audience who’s turned on, tuned in and ready to buy, this is for you. It’s all about making an emotional connection. Whether you want to excite them or move them, delight them or disturb them, discover the truth about PowerPoint and how to use it effectively. This is not a technical lesson. It’s a shot of reality to protect you from the deadly perils of PowerPoint.

Best fit: Perfect for sales, marketing and communications—and anyone who uses slides.

Emotional Selling: How to Trigger a Buying Decision

Learn proven success strategies with psychological techniques that get results.

Research says potential buyers are more likely to make a buying decision when they feel an emotional connection with the seller. Discover the psychological principles and behaviors proven to trigger a positive emotional response. Learn how to do it—quickly and effectively in this entertaining, eye-opening and profitable session.

Best fit: Ideal for sales teams and individuals in a highly competitive environment.

Presentation Renovation

Learn the secrets to building a profitable sales presentation.

You want a presentation that conveys your message and engages your audience instantly. Fern takes your team through the step-by-step process she calls a Presentation Renovation. She starts with your presentation and blows it up, then reassembles the pieces in an unforgettable, message-driven package that’s easy for presenters to deliver and even easier for your audience to remember.

Best fit: Perfect for new product launches, sales teams, extending the brand.

















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