Creative Sales Techniques

Today’s business reality requires proficiency, polish, and originality if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Kick-start the process that adds value end to end with this entertaining workshop — delivering results-driven training that targets your business goals.

Treat your sales force to a mind-opening, creativity session that builds careers and transforms possibilities. In a productive workshop event, participants learn to play, problem-solve and make exciting connections that actually apply to the sales process.

In the end, participants are energized and confident knowing they have reliable tools with which to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Indeed, we create a skill-building program that not only differentiates you from the competition, it blows them away.

In this entertaining session, we will explore a variety of innovative techniques to:

  • stimulate creativity and lateral thinking
  • problem-solve in new and creative ways
  • practice outrageous innovation
  • brainstorm
  • think visually
  • escape patterns
  • create connections and analyse attributes
  • have fun.

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