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ThanksEnomics: the art and science of writing to network for profit

Almost everyone in sales is busier than they’d like to be and less productive than they wish to be. They search for ways to connect with new customers and old—and come up empty. ThanksEnomics is based on the latest scientific research, newest strategies, and best practices. It sets you apart from your competitors and puts you way out front.

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Emotional Selling: How to Trigger a Buying Decision

When you are in sales, especially in tough times like these, you search for something to give you an edge. Perhaps you’ve heard about emotional selling, but you are not sure how the usual description (appealing to the buyer’s needs, wants and fears) applies to you. Still, you want to know more so you can get out front and kick-start the buying process. This article lists six reliable ways to connect emotionally and trigger a buying decision.

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