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Persuasive Presentation: 5 Rules to get it Right

Research tells says that when you present, you have about 45 seconds to convince an audience you are worth listening to. Become the compelling presenter you want to be and close more sales with 5 Rules for getting it right. Continue reading

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Emotional Selling: 6 Tips to Trigger a Buying Response

When you are in sales, especially in a tough marketplace, you search for something to give you an edge. Perhaps you’ve heard about emotional selling and know you are supposed to appeal to the buyer’s needs, wants and fears. But you may not be sure how that applies and you want to know more so you can get out front and kick-start the buying process. This article tells you how. Continue reading

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Make Business Writing Mean Business: 5 Rules to Write Right

Writing for today’s business reader is not difficult. It requires an understanding of the way people read and attention to the elements that trigger a positive response. Here are five simple rules to help you write like a pro.
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The Terrible Truth About E-Mail

Hate it or love it, if you’re in business, you use e-mail every day. And because you use it, you may be under the mistaken impression that e-mail is the ideal technology for staying in touch. Wrong! E-mail is the most easily misinterpreted form of communication you have. Learn how to use e-mail for the proper care and feeding of customers. Continue reading

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