ThanksEnomics: the art and science of writing to network for profit

It’s been said that collaborative relationships are the key differentiator for successful selling in the 21st century. We all know that people buy from people they like, so it follows that building business relationships is a serious matter. It’s the reason so many are tweeting, blogging, face-booking and, well, connecting in any way they can.  Well connected people are simply more likely to flourish financially than those who are not.

But in today’s competitive marketplace, those connections are often superficial with little pay-off. And while you may be wracking your brain to come up with a 140 character pitch, it’s hard to make a real connection with a tweet and becoming progressively harder to get in front of the customer. Even worse, creating customer loyalty may feel like a naïve dream.

It needn’t be that way. There are a number of creative and successful techniques for getting in front of your customer when you can’t be face to face. I call it ThanksEnomics: the art and science of networking for profit.

Psychologists describe something called reciprocal psychology. Applied to business, it’s the art of giving to get. Since you know that people buy from people they like, it’s a way to increase your likeability quotient—to build relationships, stay top of mind, and increase your profile. Learn to write strategically. Give your reader something for nothing–your attention, your thoughtfulness, your thanks–and in the end, you’re more likely to get something back.

It begins with warming up everything you write. Forget the quick and dirty e-mail. Write friendly e-mails that convey your interest in the reader. Drop a signed, hand-written note into the mail box.  Just as your mother said, send “thank-you” notes after a lunch, a meeting, even after a coffee–and do it within 48 hours. Drop a tear sheet–that’s an article or ad you’ve found and torn out of a publication–attach a note card to it, and write: this made me think of you.

When it comes time to make your ‘real” pitch, the connection is already solid, putting you in a much better position to make the sale. 

Almost everyone in sales is busier than they’d like to be and less productive than they wish to be. They search for ways to connect with new customers and old—and come up empty. This innovative approach is based on the latest scientific research, newest strategies, and best practices. It sets you apart from your competitors and puts you way out front.

Think about writing to:

  • creatively target new customers
  • connect regularly with current customers
  • access old customers
  • encourage customer retention
  • initiate, build and cement relationships where the competitor is strong.

 Good relationships increase your likeability quotient—and your opportunities to close the sale. Try ThanksEnomics and profit from it.

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