Leaders Know: The Time has Come for Canned Meetings

Generally, I’m against all things canned. I oppose canned presentations, canned telephone scripts and canned pitches. I balk at canned speeches, canned workshops and, well, any communication that sounds canned–like it was written for anyone with a pulse who might be dumb enough to tolerate it. Not for me–and I make that clear at every opportunity.

But this is different. And I can’t, in good conscience, ignore the fact that it is exactly the right time for canned meetings. Here’s why.

Today, I checked into my Sales Playbook Group on LinkedIn and Paul Castain, our fearless leader, had posted a plea. One quick read and I was convinced.  Here’s what Paul wrote:

“What if each of us were to take our sales skills and harness them for the ultimate good and . . .

1) Have a “Canned Sales Meeting” sometime this month where we ask all the participants to bring a few canned or non perishable items to donate to the local food bank.

2) We take that network that we’ve been sitting on and we pass this concept along to them and ask them to pass it along to their network. Think Linkedin connections, Twitter and Facebook friends, people from your local chamber, your suppliers etc

3) If you’re a blogger, perhaps you could encourage your readers to host a “Canned Meeting” and pass the word on to their network.

Perhaps you can use your Jedi sales skills to sell your boss on making your next meeting, a “Canned Meeting”? The point is to use that gift you were given to do some additional good. The food banks get slammed this time of year folks and this will make a huge difference to someone.”

That’s what Paul said, and I agree. Let’s do it. Let’s use our skills, our networks, and our creative savvy to collect the cans that will make a difference to people who need them. With the holiday season almost upon us, there couldn’t be a better time.

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