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The Problem with Proposal Writing Centers: 4 Mistakes that Lower your Win Rate

Proposal writing centers may have the greatest writers in the company–but that’s often not enough. Even when they are smart, skilled and seriously productive, professional proposal writers rarely come from sales. Indeed, they may be so busy writing well that they’ve failed to master the art of selling. Discover the mistakes proposal centers make that lower your win rate. Continue reading

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The Quality of Your Presentation Slides Speaks Volumes: 5 Mistakes that Shout “No Sale”

I’ve been working with a new client to build a strong PowerPoint sales presentation launching a new product. When it was done, a group of interested helpers inserted what they thought I’d forgotten. Wrong! Maybe they were well meaning, but they didn’t know squat presentations. Good slides say volumes about your company without you having to say a word. This article tells you how to avoid the 5 mistakes that shout “No Sale.” Continue reading

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The Secret of Winning Sales Presentations – Turning Listeners Into Buyers

This is the crux of it: whether your potential buyers build trucks, sell medical equipment or distill beer, as individuals sitting in your audience, their personal point of view is predictable. That’s a valuable fact–because it means you can target your presentation perfectly and trigger a buying response. This article tells you how. Continue reading

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Leaders Know: The Time has Come for Canned Meetings

Generally, I’m against all things canned. I oppose canned presentations, canned telephone scripts and canned pitches. I balk at canned speeches, canned workshops and, well, any communication that sounds canned–like it was written for anyone with a pulse who might be dumb enough to tolerate it. But this is different. And I can’t, in good conscience, ignore the fact that it is exactly the right time for canned meetings. Here’s why.

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