It's a set of tools, methods and skill-building programs designed to turn every member of your team into a star performer. Presentations that win. Proposals that make a connection. Materials that reinforce your brand, your people and your products.

We don't just believe our system will make you a FrontRunner, we see it every day in the satisfied clients who use our system for outstanding results. Now your team can grow from understanding to mastery, from reaching to winning. Because in today's market, being in the lead is the only position that matters.

Don't settle for ordinary sales. Be a FrontRunner.

Our Philosophy Top

We believe that business runs on relationships and building relationships takes more than crossing your fingers and a determined effort. It takes a clear strategy and real know-how. And we know how—to make your conversations count, your presentations exciting and your writing unforgettable. We believe you must capture your core message and convey it in everything you do, so people hear you and like you.

We'll give you the skills and the tools that turn you into the trusted advisor and friend in the business—because people buy from people they like and trust.

Our Approach Top

For nearly twenty years, sales professionals from some of North America's biggest companies have achieved remarkable results thanks to our methods. From presentations through to sales letters and branding, our own FrontRunner, Fern Lebo, has given sales organizations the personal and professional techniques they need to achieve outstanding success.

But Fern knew that something was missing. A bag of tricks that, once mastered, can help anyone convert prospects into customers and close more sales—again and again.

It's a system that puts you first at the finish line, head and shoulders ahead of your competitors. A system we believe in, because it works.

We also believe that adults learn best when they are enjoying themselves, so we make sure that every skill building event is entertaining too. Our approach is practical and personal; experiential activities move participants through the learning cycle, and detailed workbooks form part of the valuable resource material for later reference.

Using your organization's key goals and familiar situations improves skills and enables participants to relate seminar skills directly to the workplace. Skills are immediately applicable and the learning experience is rich in practical payoffs.

Our Skills Top

Our unique talent is our ability to collaborate with you in pursuit of your corporate goals. Our gift is an uncommon ability to zero in on your Big Message and convey it with clarity, impact and power—so that everything you do, from proposal to presentation to quick-hit meetings, are clear steps to closing the sale.

There are lots of consultants out there, and some of them are pretty good. But pretty good just isn't good enough in today's competitive marketplace. Built on years of cumulative experience, our processes are concentrated into a powerful system and mind-expanding workshops that get clear results. We know our work is outstanding because our clients tell us so.

Expect high-content, high-energy and high-impact sessions. Expect to unlearn the mistakes you mastered along the way.

Our People Top

Fern Lebo, President

A gifted author and compelling speaker, Fern grabs her audience and jolts them out of their complacency. Her approach is funny, passionate, and above all, educational. She decimates the rules and reinvents communication, delighting her audience with a whole new system for communicating in person or on paper.

An internationally published author, Fern has written five books, an assortment of sales materials, technical documents, manuals, and scores of articles for a broad variety of publications. As an adjunct professor at Auburn University, she teaches an accredited, online Business Writing Workshop. As a frequent keynote speaker and masterful trainer, Fern is a leading authority on presentation and business communications of every kind.

Professionally trained as a Psychiatric Occupational Therapist, Fern brings the psychology of a positive response to the table. She is that rare individual in whom solid academic grounding and hands-on experience create the ideal blend. Her unique strength lies in her professionalism, enthusiasm and unfailing talent in helping people to "see the light."

Roger Hyman, AssociateTop

Roger Hyman's professional writing career began over 25 years ago as a publications editor, articles writer, and consultant to industry. Over the years, while still a Professor of English at McMaster University, he wrote and edited a collection of manuscripts for both the private and public sector.

Roger has published a great variety of written material including technical documents, promotional material, annual reports, articles and newsletters. He is an accomplished ghost writer and has successfully composed an assortment of speeches and professional papers for public figures.

In 1990, Roger began his business relationship with Fern and is now a busy associate of FrontRunner. A powerful writer and extraordinary coach, Roger has a keen understanding of the principles of good writing, especially as they apply to business and training goals. His special gift is his consistent ability to help people produce coherent, logical and easy to read material.

Judy Issokson, AssociateTop

When you search the dictionary for the word "exceptional" you should find Judy's picture there. With a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Education, Judy works directly with executive teams, senior staff, and line managers facing diverse strategic business challenges. Whether it's Leadership Development, Organizational Design, Change Management, or Performance Consulting, her focus is on 'blended solutions for balanced results'.

Entertaining and effective, Judy works in multiple industries to improve leadership performance, align people and processes, identify emerging issues, and assess the effectiveness of organizational interventions. Clients appreciate her attention to designing actionable solutions and her willingness to adapt to doing business in their terms. And when it comes to developing the next generation of leaders, her skills are extraordinary.

A real asset for us and for you, Judy is also certified to facilitate Myers-Briggs assessments, Team Management Systems, and Emotional Competency Inventories. Her insights and expertise are amazing. Best yet, she always exceeds expectations — as consultant, coach, facilitator, program designer, or advisor.

Naomi Loeb, AssociateTop

A riveting speaker and skilled performer, Naomi Loeb's special talent is her unfailing ability to capture an audience and infuse them with a passion for the subject at hand. Beginning with a solid base in TV journalism, Naomi pursued a career in front of the camera at CBC and TVO — and behind it — to become an award-winning documentary film maker. She then shifted focus to the corporate setting where she quickly became a star. Truth is, Naomi absolutely delights in engaging an audience — and can do it in English or French.

Naomi's style is electric. Her profound understanding of an audience and her remarkable aptitude for engaging the listener, contribute to her depth of expertise and the power of her results. A communications teacher at York University and Seneca College, Naomi is a master at finding a memorable message. And when it comes to on-your-feet delivery, Naomi is a one of a kind.

Heather Macleod, AssociateTop

Consulting and organizational effectiveness have been Heather's specialty for 30 years. She has a keen understanding of the principles of communication, especially as they apply to delivering a message in a highly competitive marketplace. It is this clarity of vision that Heather brings you, and which is evident in the excellence of all her work.

Heather's early background included college-level teaching where she co-authored the textbook. She has a well-earned reputation for helping organizations identify and make strategic changes while maintaining productivity. A future-thinker with a bottom line orientation, Heather understands the importance of simple tools and processes to address complex business issues.

With a singular flair for understanding the big picture, Heather is flexible, amusing, and unerring in her ability to create a supportive yet challenging learning experience. She is the consummate professional with a pragmatic approach to helping people “nail it” every time.

Carol Kirsh, AssociateTop

Few consultants have the depth and breadth of hands-on experience Carol brings to FrontRunner clients. Following an MBA, Carol began her career in marketing for J. Walter Thompson and later moved into the publishing industry, achieving progressively higher management roles. Later, she joined the Ontario Public Service as a director with the Ministry of Trade and Technology with a mandate to effect transformational change in service delivery.

Carol's success in building effective teams and service delivery models and her ability to inject a customer-centered attitude into a traditionally non-client focused environment were well received, leading her to roles restructuring one, then another, public service department. Her pragmatic approach led to cost savings, huge efficiency gains, and something relatively new for the public service — satisfied clients.

Now back in the private sector, Carol helps companies to build effective teams and processes focused on client service. She has unparalleled understanding of organizations and how individuals and teams should be managed to reach company objectives. A talented project management coach, she is also an expert in writing and responding to RFPs, management coaching and service delivery strategies.

Simon Payn, AssociateTop

Simon is that outstanding writer and editor whose innate talents and hands-on experience blend to create ideal communications designed to achieve marketing and sales objectives. Starting his career as a newspaper editor in England, Simon worked in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands before taking the helm at a network of online magazines where he practiced excellence and accuracy under tight deadlines and shifting priorities.

Simon has an exceptional talent for seeing the big picture plus the skill to plan, develop and implement strategy for usability and functionality online and in print. Whether it's editing your copy, designing an interface, or writing copy from scratch, you want Simon on your team.

In fact, Simon is the go-to guy when you want to discover precisely how the written word can work for you. He's an expert in online and offline direct lead generation and marketing programs and a pro at creating that virtuous circle between your company, your brand and your customers, using the most advanced and creative offline and online tools.

Jay Lebo, AssociateTop

Jay began his professional career by establishing Expatica — Europe's most popular English-language online media outlet. As chief designer, he quickly learned the science of functional design and developed an expertise in communication, branding, and functionality. Within a year, his site won recognition from Time Magazine Online who named it the "most exciting new website in Europe."

Later, as Art Director, Jay used his communication talent and artistic flair to craft concise, effective messages in a visual medium, directly applicable to presentation. And because he does it so well, he is currently in demand designing wonderful presentation slides for our clients.

Jay holds an MBA from Western's Ivey School of Business and has been training and coaching clients for a decade. First at Sales Force One and now at FrontRunner, Jay demonstrates an extraordinary insight into what works best in presentation and he loves the thrill that comes from helping others 'get it.' His passion for people and attention to detail make him an exceptional coach.

Alan Gordon, AssociateTop

Actor, writer, ad-man, comedian and director, Alan transitioned his immense talent from the stage to the corporate platform seamlessly. Over the years, he has been involved with a long list of professional stage and TV productions and simultaneously worked with a variety of companies where he made invaluable contributions to marketing and sales training. Recently, he joined FrontRunner as a presentation skills coach.

Alan's work is of serious benefit to anyone who uses the tools of verbal communication to persuade, motivate, inspire, or deliver information. He has an uncanny ability to put presenters at ease and help them articulate precisely what it is they want to convey. Most importantly, his dynamic coaching will influence your confidence, your credibility and your career.

Whether he is working with reluctant presenters or seasoned executives, Alan changes lives.



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